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What is pedorthics?

Foot Rx Running offers a unique combination of Pedorthic care with foot strengthening and wellness. Traditional Pedorthists solely construct orthotics in a lab, not seeing the person they are creating the orthotic for. The Pedorthists at Foot Rx use a different approach, helping you find healthy footwear and giving you the tools to strengthen your feet instead of only depending on an orthotic. This is a long-term, healthy solution making you less likely to be dependent on orthotics for the rest of your life.

We also understand that orthotics are necessary for certain situations. We have an onsite lab where the Pedorthists fabricate your orthotics. This ensures that you can give your feedback on how the orthotic feels while in your appointment so the proper adjustments can be made. Your feedback is essential to making the most comfortable and effective custom orthotic for you. 

Even if you are not currently in pain, our Pedorthists can help guide you with exercises and the proper footwear to strengthen your feet to help prevent any ailments down the road, enabling you to continue to be active and pain free for as long as possible. 

Scott Socha

Scott Socha got his early start in competitive soccer and early foot injuries. After one too many injuries Scott began to pursue foot health from a holistic and practical approach. Today, Scott is Foot Rx's owner and also a Pedorthist. 

Joe Quinlan

Joe Quinlan is a Certified Pedorthist that specializes in foot and ankle function and gait biomechanics. He has been a part of the specialty run industry since 2016. Here he found that helping people with footwear played a key role in pain free movement. He found his passion in movement in 2020 when he realized his feet didn't have any function. This has led him to seek education beyond conventional footwear philosophies.
To obtain additional information or to schedule an appointment call us at our Asheville store 828-687-2825, or our Pisgah Forest store 828-966-7111 or email us at

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